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Mind Capital is an

CRYPTO-FIAT-Arbitrage platform

High profitability system within anyone’s reach. Finally, a revolutionary way to make crypto-assets profitable with the help of experts.

Mind Capital is a Spanish company with an office in Madrid. Mind Capital is also registered in Estonia.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo President und CEO von Mind Capital

Gonzalo García-Pelayo has been a music producer, film director, radio host, television host and is famous for having beat the casinos in the nineties with his roulette system, the story of which was taken to movie theaters with the film «The Pelayos»

In 2006 he opened his school to win at online poker “Los Pelayos Poker” and shortly afterwards, he revolutionized the world of sports betting.

Trailer of “The Pelayos” the Movie

Sony Pitcures Entertainment

with English subtitle

Here a couple facts to Mind Capital

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Mind Capital 


The entire system is implemented to optimize performance and profitability

Daily payment

The platform distributes daily the profitability obtained the previous day. Every working day you will have in your account the benefits obtained


You can request the recovery of the contribution after the period of your contribution has ended


Every day, the platform distributes the profitability obtained the previous day. Every working day you will have the profits obtained in your account


Contributions can be made with both BTCs and credit card


Years of research and development (R&D) and the latest technology serving the crypto-world

Available for everyone

Any person, from $ 40, can participate in the profitability, experience and technology developed by mind.capital


In addition to Gonzalo García-Pelayo, behind mind.capital there is an international team of experts in mathematics, investments and technology

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Mind Capital even wrote a book about starting their business.

Another film about the entire business is planned for 2022.

You can buy the book on Amazon!

Blockchain: The Decentralized Revolution (Spain) 

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